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The only tool you’ll need to monitor and maximize your brand performance on popular online retail channels in Southeast Asia.

Discover your brand’s marketplace performance now.

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What can your brand learn from BrandIQ?


Understand your brand’s pricing trends, top performing SKUs in preferred categories and shelf share on multiple popular online marketplaces.


Find out how your SKUs rank in search results. Climb the rankings in categories or specific search terms to beat your competitors.


Learn your customer’s sentiments directly, aggregating ratings and rating distribution straight from your product pages, down to each SKU.

Simple yet powerful data visualizer

See what your customers think about your products


Easy To Use

Appeared 215 times on 200 reviews found on the marketplace

Represents 7.5% of total keyword analyzed


Appeared 27 times on 27 reviews found on the marketplace

Represents 0.7% of total keyword analyzed


Appeared 1 times on 1 reviews found on the marketplace

Represents 0.01% of total keyword analyzed

Fast Delivery

Appeared 136 times on 136 reviews found on the marketplace

Represents 5.7% of total keyword analyzed

Tools that help your products outrank your competitors

Search/Category Rank

Pricing Trends

Customer Reviews

Historical Data

SKU Growth

Competitor Analysis

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