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Get powerful insights of your ecommerce shelf

The only tool you need to lead the market competition


Have you acquired your expected market share? Are they listed on the right categories? Learn your SKU growth and pricing trend within shop in shop.

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Does your brand shows up on customer’s search? Climb the search leaderboard and be the first to gain more exposure over your competitors.


Do you really know what customer thinks about your product? See overall sentiments for your product and filter them by category or keywords.

Why You’ll Love It

The ultimate platform for Brand Managers to track SKU growth, pricing trends, as well as reviews and sentiments within shop in shop.

Revealing marketplace’s secret insights. Exposing hidden user story from product, shop, and category level. A secret sauce to marketplace management success.

The simple and sleek user interface will make it easier for you to dive deeper into a pool of data, ensuring you to analyze the most important metrics by just hovering and a single click.

Have a good grasp of your overall campaign data. Browse through your previous pricing and discounts and see whether they are changing the way you want it or not.

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