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Data Analytics for Ecommerce Marketplaces

Make better decisions and execute with more confidence

The New Marketplace Power Tool

Access analytics for you and your competition and maximize your digital shelf opportunities

Monitoring Analytics

Monitor and visualize the entire marketplace – including your competition. Keep track of trends, identify gaps, and turn them into opportunities.

Data Tools

Slice and dice metrics that matter to your brand. See grouped metrics by product type or by price, and compare products head-to-head.

Perfect Page ScoreNew
We benchmark your product pages against the best performing pages, helping you increase your chances of purchases.


Transform your sales records into valuable customer insights. Perform cohort analysis, visualize LTV trends, and make smarter marketing decisions.

Think Google Analytics and SimilarWeb – but for Marketplaces

Visualize your brand and competition on the category, seller, and product levels

Unified Dashboard

Made for the manager. See at-a-glance all the metrics that moves your ecommerce business everyday.


Learn your customer’s sentiments directly, aggregating ratings and rating distribution straight from your product pages, down to each SKU.


Deep dive into each product sold by each brand. Who is running a promotion? Who added a new SKU? What are sentiments for each product like?


Take your offline expertise and apply it online. Look at category performances at the most granular level, understand how you rank to form the best marketplace strategy.

No More Waiting for Data, Now that You Own It

Slice and dice to create your own business intelligence

Group & Bundle

Group product listings together to view aggregated metrics for similar product types or seasonal campaigns. Or create scenarios for potential bundles.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Compare products to understand success and identify rooms for improvement. Create similar product listings and A/B test.

BrandIQ CRMComing Soon

Map your customers’ journey and purchase cycle by our cohort analysis. Start building on-time brand engagement to drive loyalty and personalize your marketing.

Start your data-driven marketplace strategy

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