BrandIQ packs the most robust set of analytics and tools for you to track competitors, respond faster, and deliver a more pleasant experience for your customers.

Enterprise-grade analytics for all

Get started right away

Pick a plan and start diving into meaningful data in as little as 5 minutes. Start understanding your competition like never before.

Always new data

Our engines continuously capture millions of data points to help online sellers like you react and take the right action with as much data as possible

Perfect for everyone

Local SME or regional powerhouse, the platform is designed for you as long as you sell on a marketplace. The platform is designed to be friendly for all.

Expanding your ecommerce toolkit

Focus your teams on taking action and let us crunch the data for you.


Easy-to-understand and actionable snapshot of key performance metrics to focus on what matters to drive your business.

Our clients use the Dashboard to get summarized views of their key performance indicators to get a quick understanding of areas which need attention.


Compare category and competitor performance versus your brands.

Our clients use Shelf to evaluate how their brands are measuring against the category benchmarks and competitors to estimate their market share and share of shelf.


Track every products of your brand and competitor brands which are being sold on the marketplace.

Our clients use Product to track competitor prices, promotions, sales, ratings, and evaluate brand’s sales strategies on the marketplace.


Listen to your consumer’s reviews. We dissect reviews and assign sentiments and topics to give you a better understanding of what they are saying about their experience with your brand.

Our clients use Voice to understand what their consumers are saying about the brand or product and focus on areas which need attention.


See how your brand’s products or competitor’s products rank against specific search terms.

Our clients use Keyword to understand how they should optimize their search rankings on the marketplace to be found at the right place and at the right time.

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