Case Study: Nivea Achieves 4x Growth by Optimizing Lazada Shop-in-Shop with BrandIQ


As a data analytics platform for ecommerce marketplaces, BrandIQ offers brands insights into optimizing a brand’s marketplace presence to drive more sales.

Leveraging the BrandIQ platform and working with the BrandIQ marketplace optimization team, Nivea, a popular German personal care brand, was able to generate 4x revenue growth in less than two months.


  • To increase page views, conversion rate and revenue on the brand’s official store on e-marketplace, particularly Lazada Thailand through content optimization;
  • To test the use of new sets of Search Keyword to the product’s page.


Using BrandIQ data, the team A/B tested aspects like product titles, product images, product detail page body text, etc:

    • Relevant keywords were added in the product titles and product descriptions;
    • IMAGES
      • Infographics, banners and additional product images were included in the gallery;
    • VIDEOS
      • Included influencer content, product advertisements and 360° videos in the gallery and product descriptions;
      • Customer testimonials were included in the gallery and product description.

As a framework, we categorize our testing and implementation based on the typical online customer journey: discovery (search), consideration (content) and post-purchase (reviews).


Discovery is a stage where it is vital for the brand to ensure that itself and its products are visible to the target audience. Just like for Google, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a necessary element of the e-marketplace. How vital is SEO to ecommerce exactly?

93% of online activity in the world begins with a search.

In Nivea’s case, BrandIQ included a generic keyword into the product name. This way, consumers will be able to find the product easily without having to type in the brand. It also helps in terms of acquisition of new consumers.

For example, a consumer may want to buy body lotion but has no preferred brand in mind. By searching for ‘body lotion’, the brand’s product with a generic keyword in the product name has a higher chance to appear on top of the marketplace search results versus products without the generic keyword.

Inserting a generic keyword of the product in the bracket so it will always appear when the consumer searches.


Above the fold’ is an important area of the store because it is what new visitors will see for the first time as they arrive at the website, and will have an influence on whether they decide to explore further or not.

According to a popular Google study, advertisements above the fold had about 73% viewability, whereas ads located below the fold had 44% viewability.

Realizing its importance, BrandIQ did test several initiatives in order to ensure that the product gets substantial consideration from online consumers. While most sellers only include pictures of the exterior of the product, BrandIQ added more product images that portray the texture, packing, skintone and labels of the product. This assists consumers in terms of understanding what the actual product looks and may feel like.

Additional images added to the gallery to give more visual information of the product.

Because it is consumers’ nature to be visually oriented, BrandIQ included consumer reviews or testimonials as an image in gallery to make sure that consumers notice and read the text in the image. By doing so, the brand can ensure that consumers will see good testimonials without having to scroll down or read through the comments. Likewise, adding a banner on the image will provide vital product information that consumers would normally find in the product description box.

Consumer reviews and testimonials are featured as an image in the gallery.

Banners are added into the image for consumers’ convenience.

BrandIQ employed a 360 video to showcase how the product would look like in real life. Also, the product video/ad in the gallery offers more visually-creative content for consumers.

Videos are included in the gallery to offer consumers a better understanding of the product’s look and feel.


As soon as consumers receive and try the product, brands must encourage them to leave a review. According to ReviewIQ, consumers find reviews from other consumers more authentic and reliable than paid reviews by bloggers. However, the ‘Below the Fold’ section, which refers to the portion of a webpage that a user must scroll down to view, content placed in this area was deemed less important as the content is often hidden or required consumers to click to access the information.

More often than not, the ‘Below the Fold’ area is filled with text descriptions — of the product, its ingredients, reviews and ratings. To make the shopping experience less like reading an essay, BrandIQ integrated the use of infographics into this section. This includes a how-to or even testimonials.

Testimonials, which were made into graphics, were added into the product description.

Infographics of instructions, how-tos, and benefits were included in the product description area.

Similar to the ‘Above the Fold’ area, a video-format content can also be featured here. Case in point, BrandIQ featured a video review from leading bloggers and publications to give more credibility and authenticity to the review.

Video reviews were added into the below-the-fold area.


Two of the most prominent results we have observed are from using additional images of the product (texture/opening/skin tone and packing of the product) and the usage of generic keywords in the product name. The takeaways from adding more images is that the more photos uploaded, the more reviews, purchases and higher conversion for the brand, while keywords in the product name also yield better views and purchases.


Test Optimization type Pageviews Revenue Conversion rate
Additional Images Above the Fold 2.1x 2.6x ↑ 9.2%
Generic Keyword in Product Name Back End 3.6x 7x ↑ 23.4%


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